The MD4-24 machine is capable of counting and feeding vitamin type round tablets, oblong tablets, 2 piece capsules and large fish oil type gelatin capsules. The product counter is designed to count and fill 4 different types of products with single or multiple counts of each type product. When dispensing the products into a single pouch the production rate is 45 to 50 bags, pouches per minute. With some products the MD4-24 can fill 2 different products into two side by side pouches (2 pouches, bags per cycle) and then achieve a total through put of 80 bags per minute.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Specifications:
    The majority of the components are off the shelf purchased items.
    The frame, hopper and product chute is manufactured of 304 stainless steel and is electropolished to provide a sanitary finish.
    The back plate is made of T6061 aluminum tooling plate and is black anodized to seal the pores of the aluminum.
    The tooling disc rides on a 1/4" thick piece of Food Grade UHMW plastic. The UHMW supports the tooling disc and because of its lubricant properties reduces the tooling disc wear.

Utility and Physical Specification:
Power Requirements: 120 VAC\60hz\10A
Dimensions: 25" h x 28" w x 27" d
Net Weight: 95 lbs.

  • "Progressive Laboratories, Inc. currently has a Phoenix Go-Packer 3000 with PF-8 sorting assembly. The Go-Packer 3000 is fitted with a thermal hot stamp imprinter and photo-registration. We have found this unit to be easy to set-up and run, and extremely reliable. The quality of the packets is very good and consistent. Customer support from Phoenix has been prompt and detailed, and addressed all of our questions quickly -even with over-the-phone user training!! The build quality is terrific, and after about 18 months of use, we have found very few issues. If we had need for another unit, we would buy another without hesitation."
  • Larry Thompson - Progressive Labs
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